Penticton 2013

Is it a social activity, you ask? – Absolutely, especially in the Blind Bay community! Many close friendships have developed because of the common bonds created when a group of people climb into a dragon boat and paddle to reach a team goal.

Is it a good, rounded form of exercise? – You bet it is ! Upper body strength, developed core muscles, and a good strong leg drive are all proponents of an effective dragon boat paddle stroke. As one member stated, “I have been seriously exercising for more than a half-century, and dragon boating provides the best upper body workout I’ve ever had”.

What if I am not as strong now as I’d like to be? Will I still be able to bring something to the boat? – Again, absolutely! Each boat goes out with a coach, who provides guidance in paddling technique. Over a very short period of time, you will develop proper techniques, and over time, your overall fitness level will improve dramatically. By season’s end, your body will be a finely tuned machine, you will look back and exclaim, “ Wow, I did  that ? Most important, you’ll have fun, its social, and physically invigorating.

Race Over

Do I need any equipment to join the dragon boating society? – We have paddles and life jackets for members to use. As you learn to paddle, you may eventually wish to purchase your own equipment. Its like joining a baseball team and owning your own glove. Your own equipment always feels better.

Are there different levels of paddling that I can choose from? – Certainly, We have competitive and non-competitive boats. For the past two years, all paddles have been in the evenings. The difference between the two is the level of physical exertion called for. If you choose a competitive boat, you will be doing longer paddles with less rest time. You will be asked to tax your muscles more frequently and for extended periods of time. You will be physically prepared to enter dragon boat festivals, although attendance at festivals is optional. If you choose a non-competitive boat there is no preparation for races, it is not as physically demanding although the basic technique is the same.

How do I find out more information about dragon boating in Blind Bay? – It’s easy!  Our society e-mail is send us a note and we promise to answer any questions or provide any information we can. If you wish to be put on the society contact list so that you receive all info sent out we can do that too. If you wish to phone and talk to someone in person, call Susan Eisenberger at 250-803 6864, she will give you whatever assistance she can. Or simply visit our Contact page!