Code of Conduct and Boat Etiquette

  1. Report all injuries promptly to the coach.
  2. Comply with all safety guidelines and procedures.
  3. Be respectful and considerate of all team members.
  4. Follow all commands from the coach and steer with urgency and focus. Your safety may be at stake.
  5. Conversations in the boat should only occur during breaks.
  6. Paddler-to-paddler coaching should be avoided. Recognize that coaching provided by one paddler to another, no matter how well intended, may not be helpful to the team.
  7. Provide feedback to the coach. This feedback should be provided privately, off the boat, unless there is an immediate health/safety issue or if the coach has requested immediate feedback.
  8. Handle disagreements and conflict directly and privately with the individual involved. If the problem persists, advise the coach.

Keep focus in the boat; pay attention to the coach; be supportive, and have fun.